News: C-Based Virtual Machine for the DCPU-16

C-Based Virtual Machine for the DCPU-16

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Anyone knows how to set this up propertly?

I'm currently struggling to figure out since I'm more of a .NET guy and haven't done any C stuff since I was like 15. I did find a CoffeScript/PHP version, which I'm sure would be a lot easier to set up:

Yeah, i found that too, but i cant get the "load rom" to work, i havn't even figured out if its not working yet or if its me doing it wrong ^^

Haha same here. Once I get off work I'll probably get started on a .NET version and to recreate my own. I don't like all the current versions out there.

Why not use Enums instead of the inline opcodes? Maybe I'm nitpicking, but maintainability is everything to me :P.

You can take a look at the issue someone made and made a pull request for with enum, the author of the repo explains his reasons for it there.

@Chris Make sure you have coffescript installed on your server, otherwise it obviously won't work :P

Great, any kind of emultion to get started with creating some working codes for the DCPU-16 would be awsome. I'll try find some kind of software that easily could be transformed into DCUP:s instructions :P

guys, I'm the creator of the Coffeescript DCPU-16 interpreter. it doesn't work yet, it's a work in progress. :) and no coffeescript installation needed, only browser with javascript turned on.
have patience! :) btw, here is working version by another guy on github:

That makes much more sense. Good to have you around! Once you get it figured out, we'd love for you to do a post to the corkboard to walk beginners through how it works.

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