Forum Thread: Think You've Got What It Takes to Be a Mod?

0x10c World is Seeking Moderators! We need several kinds of people to help make this World great:

If you're a programmer, or even an aspiring programmer who wants to help people figure out the ins and outs of programming the 16-bit DCPU, let us know. There's a world of people out there who are just as excited as you are to get started with it, but some of it is still over their heads. We need people to explain the basics of binary, decimal, and hexidecimal. The concept of instruction sets, and the basics of how to use them.

News Junkies:
Do you always know about it before anyone else? Are you combing twitter 24-7 to stay up to date on the latest? Do you have twitter conversations with @notch & the rest of the Mojang team to get the inside scoop? We need you to share your findings (after fact-checking them, of course) with the community to help make this World a one-stop shop for all the latest 0x10c news.

Community Managers:
We want to build a respectful community that encourages contribution. This means we need moderators to encourage those who contribute, help respond to people's questions in the forum, welcome new members as they join, and (unfortunately) silence any trolls or spammers before they become a problem.

Instructors / Writers / Video Creators:
Do you have a knack for explaining things in an easy to follow way? Can you break down a tricky concept into it's core steps and illustrate the process with images, or even videos when appropriate? We want to create a collection of the best tutorials for the new game, and that starts with people like you.

As a Moderator of this World, you will be given the following:

  • Top placement in the member list on the right of the site.
  • Ability to Post News & How-Tos to the Blog
  • Ability to Delete Comments
  • Ability to Delete Posts to the Corkboard
  • A higher-level of responsibility to the community. This means being respectful and fair, even if trolls make personal attacks. Your behavior sets the bars for others, so it's important to demonstrate grace, even in conflict.

To Apply to Become a Moderator:
If you haven't already, you should start by participating in this World. That means posting how-tos, & news to the corkboard, and answering questions in the forums.

Reply to this forum thread and tell us what you're great at. Link us to the posts you've already made in the World so we can review your writing. Tell us what you can bring to the community that is currently missing.

I know we're going to have some great applicants and I'm excited to see what you all come up with!

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7 Responses

I am a big computer Geek, I know mostly web development stuff (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) but I'm learning C++, and Java. I am highly interested in computers/electronics and can't wait to get 0x10c and start programming.

Why would I make a good Mod? Because I'm often online, I know how to deal with trolls, and I love online communities.

What can I give that the community is currently missing? Well your a little short on moderators, so that for one. . .

Glad to see you on the site, Lord zeel! Congratulations, you're now one of our first mods.

To give everyone something to do if they don't really know where to start, here's a list of posts everyone could benefit from if any of you have the expertise to write them:

  • How to convert from Binary to Hexadecimal
  • A begginer's guide to the DCPU-16 spec (this is a big one!). We should try and walk through each of the operations, and what they do in laymens terms.
  • An introduction to little endian vs big endian and how it applies to working with the DCPU-16.
  • A summary of the newsworthy tweets so far (both positive & negative) about the new game.

Hello Bryan!

Im really excited for 0x10c and although I am not a GREAT programmer ( I know basics of C#, C++ and HTML) If there's one thing I am good at its organization. I am definitely a natural leader who can give a lot to this community. I am constantly social networking and learning new things everyday in the gaming industry. I am online about 3.89/4 of my life and pretty much always informed on everything that matters to gamers! 

I have moderated on other minor websites before so I am not new to the process at all. Trolls/spammers = destroyed. I also realize there is tremendous responsibility that goes along with being a mod, and I know I can handle these responsibilities under any degree of pressure. 

I am studying and planning to direct my career into media and have been creating short films/writing screenplays for some years now. That being said, I also believe I will be a great addition to Writers/Video Creators of this website, as I am able to create a wide variety of multimedia presentations.

What can I bring to the community? A moderator, as mentioned above, and a very strong sense of leadership within the community as a whole and the mods. I also am interested in creating more advertisement for this website through website banners and videos. Can't wait to hear back from you.

Thanks for you're time,


I should also mention that all my past time is consumed playing video games with my custom built PC. I also have an iMac so i'm across all platforms. I have a steam library composing of about 70 games, and a bunch of other ones like SC2 and Minecraft, Xbox 360 & PS3 ( I don't discriminate) with their own respective game libraries, and of course my retro consoles, and n64.

My PC specs:


8Gb o' RAM


Radeon HD 6770

Welcome Cristian! We'd love to see your posts to can help teach the community. When you find the time, the World could use a good news round-up post from the past 24 hours going over the coverage 0x10c has received across the web.

Also, a number of coders have already built or started to build interpreters for the instruction set (some of which have already joined this community). It would be great to get more of them involved to help teach everyone how to use their tools.

Hi, I'm Egh and I'd like to be a mod. I'm a blog junkie. I like to know everything first. I also like to hunt for easter eggs and achievements in games. I would like to be a News Junky and Video Creator (I would probably put a lot of new into videos). I also know Lua and expect to learn BASIC, which is the programing language that will be used to program on the computers in 0x10c.

I play many games, including Minecraft, Skyrim, Fallout, Call of Duty, Halo, some indie games, World of Warcraft, Star Wars Old Republic, and a lot more. I play on my iMac and my Xbox 360.

I'm also good with other people and like to keep it fair. I would not abuse my powers and would use them as instructed.

I am not a good programmer, but I do have a lot of ideas and can explain things.

I can give good ideas to the programmers, and then they approve to see if they like it, if they do, they'll program it, if not, I do one of these things:

1) Try to improve it
2) Ask on ways how the programmer will like it
3) Make another idea
4) Talk with the programmer to try and fix the problem, and get ways on how the idea would become a good idea.
And I am pretty good on thinking about good stuff.
I will have a nice time giving ideas and making videos.
I enjoy doing this. :)
I am mature and fair, and will not be upset if they don't like my ideas.

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