Forum Thread: Introduce Yourself to the Community!

Hey you! Yeah You! We care about who you are and why you're here. This is the start of what we hope will become the best community for everything "How-To" (and everything fun) in Mojang's latest game, 0x10c.

To start things off, please introduce yourself to the community.

Be sure to tell us:

  • What are you most excited about 0x10c?
  • What can you can bring to the community?
  • What do you hope to get out of the community?

If you can dabble in assembly code, let us know! I'm sure we can put your knowledge to good use!

If the DCPU opcodes are all gibberish to you, that's ok! We aim to bring fans of all levels together to teach each other how everything works, and of course how to have fun even if you don't want to learn to program in the game.

If you think you're particularly adept at staying on top of news, or explaining complex coding concepts to people who've never seen such things before and would like to become a mod, let us know.

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22 Responses

Hey, I'm Bryan & I'm part of the WonderHowTo team. As a coder, I'm very excited to see what's possible with the DCPU-16 virtual computer in the game. I'm also excited to see what the community comes up with. I've been looking over the spec and it's bringing me back to my college days (I haven't really touched assembly since then).

Anyway, I think I'll be able to lend a hand here as I try to explain some of the technical details. Feel free to hit me up any time.


Bryan Crow

Hi, my name is zeel, I am a big computer Geek, I know mostly web development stuff (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) but I'm learning C++, and Java. I am highly interested in computers/electronics and can't wait to get 0x10c and start programming.

Can't wait for this game to be available!

Hi, my name is Chris, I am a student doing Master in Automation and Mechatronics, and doing Candidate in Durability Engineering.

Unfortunatley it has been a while sence my assembler days, but i can't wait to sunk my teeth into this game!

Welcome, Chris. I think a lot of people are going to be in the same boat as you. We need someone to do a post that helps explain the various assembly commands to the community if you're interested in going through them.

I'll try to find some good links, both for "starting from scratch" and "freshening up".

Also I'll try to write a explenation for the DCPU cmds.

Hey guys!

I'm Esteban and I'm also part of the WHT Team. I'm a web developer (mainly focusing on .NET/Javascript/etc) and I'm really excited to see how this world and this game will evolve.

I would love to see more people excited in programming and I would love to start working on some Assembly and lower-level languages since I really haven't worked with them since I was like 15.

I'll probably make some how-tos on how to set up an ASP.NET MVC site that will allow you to run your own virtual machine  to test your DCPU16 apps.

Hi, everyone!

My name's Colin and I'm a ridiculous computer geek.  I started programming at age 6 on an Atari 800XL, which had a 6502 processor, which is what DCPU is based on.  I haven't done much assembly in recent years, but DCPU has a nice small instruction set, so I think I can rock this but good.

I'm really excited to experience this open-world high-realism universe that Notch is working on.  To this community, I can bring my 26 years of programming experience, and from it I expect many laurels on which to rest.  Maybe some grapes and a chaise lounge.

Feel free to ask me anything.  If I don't know, I can probably tell you how to find out, or I'll just make up something that sounds plausible.

Welcome, Colin! Good to have more coders in here. We can't promise the chaise lounge, but some laurels are right around the corner. (more on that soon)...

In speaking with some non-coder friends of mine, I've found many people don't know where to start as they get lost the moment anything leaves base-10. If anyone here could come up with a good illustration to explain hex vs decimal, please let your genius shine on the corkboard.

Hello, folks. :) My name's Ben, and I'm a somewhat geeky, somewhat nerdy games enthusiast. Admittedly, I have not begun to learn assembly language - and I only know a smattering of Java, C++, and C# - but I am going to start reading a lot, and hopefully I'll be able to use Notch's project for productive experimentation and learning.

The irony is that I've been attempting to design a game similar to 0x10c's overall theme, but without said mechanic. The possibilities are so exciting!

Hi Guys, I'm Stick :)  Until tomorrow I'm an iPhone / Android developer working in Leeds (UK), and in a couple of weeks I'm starting at a games studio.  I have a background in BASIC, Java, C, and C++.  I've also dabbled in C#, HLSL, GLSL and most markup and scripting languages over the years, though never written any assembly (yet).

I'm really excited that there's finally going to be an awesome game out there written by coders for coders that involves coding!  And the space theme just ices my sci-fi-appreciating cake.  I'd like to bring my experience to the community also, be it not as vast as Colin's.  And aside from any help or assistance I may need, what I'm mainly looking to get out of this is the satisfaction of writing tools and code to help others :D

Hey, all! I'm Alex. I've always interested in all programming games, from the more well-known like RoboCode to the more obscure like Grobots, seeing another game in this genre in the works is rather exciting!

My general computing knowledge is rather patchy. I've some experience in compiler construction and OS development, and I'll try and help out where I can.

Hello All, my name's Nathan. I am a mut of sorts, I am a mix of physicist/electrical engineer/programmer/machinist. 

I am a Certified LabView Associate Developer (CLAD) with just about 1.5 years of active work using LabView and have two major projects under my belt. I classify myself as more of a hardware programmer as I tend to write my own drivers.  BTW, if you've heard of LabView mad props and please let me know who you are, we can chat...

Also I am an aspiring coder of sorts looking towards getting into some of the more used languages. I hope to take this 0x10c opportunity to broaden my horizons.

Holy crap, Nathan.  I think your expertise begins where mine ends, and vice versa.  I have armchair knowledge of physics, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.  Let's take over the world sometime!

In seriousness, I suggest C (basically a macro language for assembly), then Unix and its tools, then Perl.  Maybe Java as well.  Let me know if you want to ask me anything.

any suggestions for how to start coding C on a mac?

im not exactly sure if this is an issue or not, I've had troubles in the past with other things ...

I have swetland's C emulator ( running on a Mac; let me know if you have any questions.

As said b4 - get Xcode from Apple. Then you can run "make" in the swetland files and you'll have a command line version of dcpu. I had to edit svetland's Makefile (see to include the stdio path. 

Hi, I'm Egh. I play Minecraft and was extremely excited was 0x10c was announced. I expect to learn BASIC to start programming in 0x10c once it's released. I currently know the scripting language Lua.

Hey Alex, good to see you here. You mentioned grobots. Are you by chance familiar with Grobotto? In a past life, I used to work with the main guy behind that beautiful piece of software...

Hey, I'm Jan-Willem. Can't wait to play with computers inside a game! Finally something I can be good at, being a programmer and all. ;)

My main focus with 0x10c for now is creating a simple IDE for working with the DCPU-16. Currently I have a simple VM prototype which you can find at Expect lots of new features this weekend!

Welcome, Jan-Willem! Sounds like a great project to be on top of. I'm looking forward to playing with your IDE once you release it.


Last weekend, I was actually thinking about messing around with Linux or Mac asm just for learning fun (all my coding is pretty high level, C#, JS in Unity 3d, Objective-C on IOS, mostly), and then DCPU-16 appeared. Love Minecraft, have played a ton of Eve, 0X10c sounds better than Eve, so here I am :) Grabbed the gist'ed C# emulator (thanks someone), have that running on an iPad 3 via Unity. I have successfully auto-rotated a DCPU-16, without gimbal lock!

Welcome, Guyal. Are you saying you've built a 3d environment in Unity and are auto-rotating a functioning  DCPU-16 powered terminal in it? I'd be curious to see the source if you're willing to share...

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