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As you should you, one of the biggest features in 0x10c (I'll just call it "Zero") is the DCPU 16-bit computer. I found a mod that's been out since December, 2011, called ComputerCraft which can be found here.

It includes the use of the scripting/programming language called Lua. You can use it along with redstone and multiple other mods. Here's a video to demonstrate it.

It may or may not have inspired 0x10c. In my opinion, I think it might have considering the fact it was highlighted on Minecraft Forum once. What do you think? Please post a reply :)

- Egh Felnore

ComputerCraft Demonstration

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1 Response

First I would argue the DCPU is not one of the largest features of 0x10c.  0x10c is a space game.  There will be engineering, mining, looting, combat, and more.  The DCPU is just one aspect of the game, one that can be entirely ignored if the player wishes from the sounds of it.  

I don't believe ComputerCraft inspired the DCPUs in 0x10c.  In an interview Notch did quite a while ago, long before ComputerCraft, he had talked about wanting to work on a space game.  If I were to venture a guess I would say what inspired the DCPU was mostly his own geekiness and also the project like the ALUs built with redstone in MineCraft.

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